I am travelling, what happens if I test positive?
Can I get a free arrival RT-PCR test in Brisbane or Melbourne?
I had a COVID-19 test at a Histopath community testing facility, now I want to receive a certificate for Travel. Can the test I had be used to produce my travel documentation?
I booked the wrong test, can I get a refund?
What do I do if I don’t receive my results email or the information on my travel documentation does not match my passport?
How do I get my travel documentation?
How long do I have to wait for my result and my travel documentation?
How do I pre-register and pay for my test?
I live a long way from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane Airports. Where else can I obtain access to a test?
What time prior to my flight departure should I arrive for my test(s)?
Do I need to book an appointment for my pre-departure test?
Why/how is Histopath’s lower pricing possible?
I get can get an RT-PCR test in the community for free. Why do I have to pay for a test to travel?
My destination country states that I can have either an RT-PCR or a Rapid Antigen/Lateral Flow test. Which should I choose?
Will my Blood antibody test be positive if I’ve been vaccinated?
What is a Blood Antibody (IgM) test?
What is a Rapid Antigen/Lateral Flow Test?
What is an RT-PCR test?