What is Influenza A/B and RSV?
How much do Influenza and RSV tests cost at Histopath?
Do I need a referral?
Are there any age restrictions?
Do I need to do anything differently at the testing clinic to be tested for Influenza and RSV?
Do I need to opt in to access this additional testing?
Is Influenza and RSV testing available in Histopath’s International Airport Clinics?
When will I receive my results
How will I receive my results?
Where do my results go?
What do I do if I test positive for Influenza or RSV?
If I test positive for Influenza, will I know if it is Influenza A or B?
Do I need to isolate if I test positive for Influenza or RSV?
Can Histopath test for Influenza or RSV on an old Covid-19 sample?