The collection kit is designed for self-collection. The sensitivity of self-collection has been validated and is comparable to healthcare worker collection, provided instructions are followed carefully. The kit contains instructions. All patients are contacted by the laboratory prior to receipt of the kit and are sent an instructional video to watch. Our doctors are available to assist via phone if collection advice is required.

Instructions for ordering the Test

The test is ordered by a doctor, via fax or email. The collection kit is provided free of charge and the test is bulk billed, so there is no cost to the patient. When ordering the test, please request Covid-19 PCR on the request form. Tests can be ordered at any time. The laboratory collects specimens and performs testing 7 days a week.

Results Notification

Results are generally available the next day. If you use HealthLink, the results will be delivered electronically. Results are also faxed. Patients will receive their result via a secure text message. All positive results will be telephoned to the patient and doctor. All results are also notified to Public Health.

Histopath Services