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We're Australia's most respected histopathology provider — proudly owned and operated by pathologists for over 25 years. Our strong partnerships with referrers mean we tackle challenges swiftly, putting patients at the heart of every decision.

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Rapid Turnaround Time

We offer 24-48 hours for routine testing, same-day testing for urgent specimens depending when the sample arrives at the lab to facilitate swift and informed decision making for you and your patients.

Collaborative Meetings

Our industry-wide collaboration, facilitated through both in-person and remote multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT), alongside internal peer reviews conducted daily within Histopath, optimises patient care to the highest standards.

Equitable Patient Access

All patients deserve high quality health care, so we offer NO GAP and bulk billing rates to ensure everyone can access essential histopathology, microbiology, virology and biochemistry services.

Expert Pathologists

Our pathologists encourage direct communication and discussion with our referrers. Many hold senior academic positions with University appointeeships and regularly undertake continuing medical education to ensure they stay at the forefront of their field.

Latest News

We keep you posted here on the latest updates on our services offered. We also share our latest achievements and milestones our laboratory staff have achieved together.

COVID-19 - General Public

We serviced the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing COVID testing from our 52 collection centres around Australia. From July 2023 we stopped community COVID-19 testing. Please contact your GP for assistance with obtaining a COVID test.

July 10, 2023

COVID-19 - Aged Care Facilities

Our Aged Care COVID-19 testing team will continue to operate over the holiday period (including all public holidays) to support Residential Aged Care Facilities and Disability Accommodation with their COVID-19, influenza and RSV testing needs. Our high quality and experienced team can manage the referral process, attend facilities for testing and provide same day results. Please contact with any enquiries or booking requests. Upon receipt of your email, our dedicated Aged Care team will contact you to assist with registration and offer clear and simple steps to the new referral process.

July 1, 2023

For Doctors

Specialised Testing & Accurate Results

We specialise in complex surgical and biopsy specimens across a broad range of subspecialties. Our technology, practices and people ensure every diagnosis is delivered with precision.

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For Patients

We Focus On Patient Care, Not Shareholder Profits

We understand the profound impact our work has on individuals and their families, and we approach our responsibilities with the utmost compassion, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

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Improving Diagnostic Outcomes for the Future

We’re pioneering advances in digital reporting, automation and artificial intelligence that will revolutionise how we diagnose and report disease.

Digital Reporting

Histopath is the first laboratory in Australia to wholly integrate digital pathology into our routine workflow, enabling the necessary speed and accuracy for high-quality diagnosis. It’s particularly valuable for highly complex cases such as rare cancers and lymphomas, allowing sharing and co-reporting across Histopath’s pathologist network of expert groups.

Digital Reporting
AI Integration

We’re developing, training and validating AI-powered solutions that improve the detection and grading of cancer, as well as a broad range of diagnostic features in multiple tissue types. Beyond, it will enable highly accurate quantification, pattern recognition, and predictive analysis to improve our lab efficiency. This progressive approach holds immense promise for personalised treatment strategies.

Automations & Robotics

We’re taking strides to automate our laboratory process, shifting human resources away from manual tasks to focus on quality and precision. It means tissue sections will be uniformly standardised – removing variability, improving our quality of testing and ultimately patient safety.

Automations & Robotics

Our advanced image capture tech generates detailed 3D images of surgical tissue, precisely delineating sectioning areas and tumour status. Pathologists can view specimens in a 3D plane, enabling mixed-media pathology reports for comparable real-life inspection. This will be integrated into our LIMS soon, enhancing comprehensive pathology reporting, documentation and education.

3D Image Viewing
3D Image Viewing

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